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Is Your Property Ready To Rent

This list was compiled to assist you in getting your home ready. Some items may not be applicable to your situation. Along with the items below, review the inspection form to see what the tenant will be completing once the home is rented.




1. Remove all trash / debris from yard

2. Call waste company and have your garbage can removed. Stop service.

3. Mow lawn and trim hedges

4. Wash off hard surfaces

5. Review the exterior for any minor repairs

6. Replace any screens on windows

7. Check outside lights for operation

8. Program irrigation system

9. Check fence for any damages

10. Wash off outdoor HVAC unit




1. Clean all appliances

2. Have carpet professionally cleaned

3. Clean all hard floor surfaces and baseboards

4. Paint walls if needed

5. Repair holes and damages to walls and trim

6. Check attic and ceiling for any leaks

7. Check fireplace for safe operation

8. Check each faucet and shower head for proper operation

9. Check for plumbing leaks

10. Make sure all light bulbs are working

11. Change HVAC filters

12. Clean home and deodorize air

13. Wash out garage

14. Check locks for operation




1. Forward mail to new location (Property Management company will only HOLD mail for 30 days after tenant moves in. (PICK UP ONLY)

2. Do not turn off utilities. These will be switched to the new tenant upon date of occupancy.

3. Notify your insurance company the home will be a rental or unoccupied4. Notify the county you are living in, that you are changing the residency to your non-primary residence


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