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Here are a few points to consider when deciding whether renting makes better sense for you. 
Flexibility: Renting allows you to explore an area before making the longer-term commitment to homeownership. Unless you are certain about a specific neighborhood, renting allows time for research and discovery.

Career uncertainty: If you think you might need to move in the near future, or are mulling job changes that span several areas of town or are located elsewhere in the country, you might want to rent. Buying ties you down to a greater extent. 

Income uncertainty: If you expect a pay hike or cut in the near future, that can change your borrowing ability as well as impact your ability to pay a mortgage. 

Bad credit: Creating a history of on-time rental payments can help you build the sort of credit you'll need to qualify for a mortgage. 

No maintenance expenses: When a pipe leaks, you don't head to the store; you head for the telephone and call the landlord. 

Utilities (sometimes) included: In some instances, the landlord may pay for many utilities such as water, sewer, garbage, and, in some cases, even heat and hot water.

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